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Our Strategy


Working with stakeholders and partners to promote and improve health and safety in Health and Community Services workplaces.


We believe that:


Our vision for Health and Community Care in Nova Scotia:


Our core values guide our work with partners and stakeholders:


We strive for every person to be a leader in health and safety in their workplace, and together be accountable for promoting change to the health and safety culture.


We are accountable by making transparent, evidence-based decisions that lead to value-added health and safety outcomes.


We encourage collaboration by engaging and enabling all stakeholders to work together, sharing knowledge and expertise.


We recognize diverse needs by building trust, and respect and valuing everyone’s contribution.


We support every person to have the courage to make health and safety a priority in their workplace.


Strategic Directions:

  1. Provide leadership to Support a Positive and Sustainable Culture of health and Safety.
  2. Build Health and Safety Capacity through Programs and Training.
  3. Foster and enhance Relationships and Partnerships to Support Success.