COSP Homecare / Home Support

We all know that if you want to know the value of a product or service, it’s always best to ask those who have bought it. When it comes to COSP, we asked those that “bought-in” what they saw as the value of the COSP pilot program.

Before I share their thoughts, let me relate my experience since joining COSP five months ago. By the time I arrived, participants had already started their journey to a safer workplace for homecare and home support; they had the road map drawn and the foundation started.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of the agencies and partners to continue to develop a Health and Safety Management System for this sector. The level of commitment demonstrated by these agencies to the advancement of safer workplaces has been tremendous. They have committed time and resources and, with their partners (WCB and AWARE-NS), have been able to developed useful tools and training modules.

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