Safe Handling and Mobility

Moving a resident may not seem dangerous – particularly to an experienced healthcare worker. But resident handling actually puts these workers at risk every day.

Almost 80% of time-loss claims reported to the WCB Nova Scotia by healthcare workers involve musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs). Over half of these are linked to the lifting, transferring, and repositioning of residents, patients, and clients.

The best way to protect the safety of both workers and residents is through a Safe Handling and Mobility Program – a comprehensive prevention initiative that extends to all levels of your organization.

Soteria Strains Strategy (this section currently under development)

Soteria Strains is focused on musculoskeletal injury prevention (strains and sprains). In 2011, almost 80 percent of all time loss claims reported to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB) by health care workers were musculoskeletal injuries (Strains) and more than 50% of these Strains were the linked to some type of manual lift or transfer task (WCB NS, April 2011)

Consultation and Feedback Reports:

Evaluation Reports

White Papers

Program Guide

Below you will find program guide outlines and materials developed and provided by Soteria Strains Working Group, Workers’ Compensation Board of NS, AWARE-NS and Stakeholders.


Soteria Stories

Resources to help you get started

A successful Safe Handling Program starts at the top, and everyone has a role to play.

The resources below include self-directed learning tools, videos and inspiring firsthand accounts from a few local long-term care homes. Click on the blue boxes to get started.

Want more guidance?

A train-the-trainer workshop has been developed by WCB, if you have completed the workshop and want to access the materials click here.

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