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Download and read the report that outlines 21 recommendations to improve safety in Nova Scotia’s Long term Care, Home Care and Disability Support Sectors.






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Did you know that workers in the health and community services sectors are more likely to be injured on the job than any other type of worker? Three out of 10 time-loss claims originate in these sectors, but stakeholders are coming together to help bring about change.

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What’s New? 

A new milestone – Recommendations to improve safety in the care sectors

Over the past two years, AWARE-NS has led work with three government departments, organized labour, employers, and WCB Nova Scotia to develop a workplace safety report to improve health and safety outcomes in home care, long term care, and disability support program sectors.

With best practice research, an extensive stakeholder engagement process, and the dedication and strategic advice of working group participants, a report has been finalized that sets out 21 recommendations to improve safety outcomes in these sectors, Charting the Course: Workplace Safety for Nova Scotia’s Home Care, Long term Care & Disability Support Sectors.

On June 26, partners and stakeholders from across the sectors came together at an event to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of those essential in the development of the report and recommendations.

This is a huge milestone.

The recommendations in the report will help move the sectors towards safer workplaces, better practices, lower premiums, and improved quality of care for all Nova Scotians. Their implementation will depend on the continued long-term commitment, leadership, and accountability from all stakeholders.

At the stakeholder event, we also showcased an awareness video which tells the compelling human story of why workplace safety in these sectors is important. Because behind every time-loss statistic and number is a person who was hurt at work, and a life that was thrown out of balance.

This multi-stakeholder project has emphasized the importance of collaboration and open conversation between partners.

This is the second time sector-specific stakeholders have come together to impact and change safety outcomes for workers in Nova Scotia. By applying that same focus, tailored to the needs and reality of the care sectors, we hope to see tangible safety benefits for workers across the province.

The next steps will be setting out immediate action areas and developing the five-year action plan, which will detail a work plan and scorecard for each of the recommendations in the report and assign accountability for implementation.

By identifying clear goals and the means by which to reach them, we will be able to build real safety culture change in Nova Scotia’s health and disability support program sectors.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to this important work!

Publications and Reports

A lot of work has been happening as we dig in to the complexities of health and safety in Nova Scotia’s health and community services sectors.

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News and Profiles

Safety is a two-way street. Read more about how one organization changed the way they provide care to ensure staff safety was also a priority in their facilities.

The working group phase of the action plan has wrapped up, and to mark the end of this significant engagement with stakeholders, we brought everyone together for an afternoon of sharing, planning, and discussion. Read more about it here.

Action Plan Partners

In 2016, the below organizations came together to facilitate the development of a sector-led, five-year action plan, a partnership that has grown in 2017 and now includes employers and organized labour.

Government of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Health Authority
IWK Health Centre
WCB Nova Scotia

Sector Safety Tips

For workers in the health and community care sectors, hazards are diverse. They range from driving hazards in visiting home-care clients, to the many ergonomic challenges that come with the requirement to lift and transfer patients, to biological hazards, and many more.

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