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Our Learning Centre has many tools and resources that can be added to your existing program or help you build one from start. We’ve also taken many of these tools and customized them for specific sub sectors within Healthcare and Community Services.

Training and Information Sessions

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Self-directed Learning

An extensive library for Self-directed Learning. Each section includes a presentation and online questionnaires. To gain certification, please complete the questionnaires and we’ll notify you with your results.

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Assisting clients to move is the main source of workplace injuries in Health and Community Service sectors.  The best way to protect the safety of both workers and clients/residents is through a Safe Handling and Mobility Program – a comprehensive prevention initiative that extends to all levels of the organization.  WCB and AWARE-NS have adopted the NSHA Soteria Strains Safe Handling and Mobility Program.

PACE Risk Assessment Education coming soon!

PACE is designed to assist workers with identifying and managing the risks associated with client/resident handling.  The pre-mobility check allows the workers to verify if the mobility status of the client/resident has changed.

JOHSC Training

AWARE-NS has developed a two day JOHS Committee certificate training program delivered in a classroom setting.  JOHS Committee supports the employer’s duty to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.  Training and education is mandatory and a key aspect for an efficient and effective committee.

JOHS Committee Certification Requirements:

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Safety for Supervisors and Managers

Safety leadership happens when we each take initiative to make a positive choice about how we will impact others.  When our passion for safety is part of the normal conversation and we model safety leadership qualities, we are building a work safe culture.

Certification Requirements

AWARE-NS developed a 2.5 day training program for Supervisors and Managers, working in partnership with Dr. Kevin Kelloway’s research on the S.A.F.E.R. Leadership model.  This program integrates the S.A.F.E.R. Leadership skills and practical application of the Safety Management System (SMS).

S.A.F.E.R. Leadership

The model comprises Speaking of safety, Acting safely at work, Focusing on maintaining safety standards, Engaging others in safety initiatives, and Recognizing individuals who adhere to safety.