Safety Equipment Fund

The Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) is committed to supporting the health and safety of continuing care workers. As part of this commitment and aligning with the recommendations outlined in the Workplace Safety Action Plan, DHW has provided one-time funding of $1, 485,000  for fiscal year 2021-2022.

AWARE-NS is pleased to administer this funding to organizations who request funds to reimburse the purchase price of equipment that improves the safety of workers providing care. This will allow Long Term Care and Home Support/Care organizations to access workplace safety equipment to ensure that workers can safely deliver care to clients in continuing care environments. 

Application for Pre-Approval:

Equipment Fund Criteria

Types of equipment eligible for funding:

  • Equipment to help reduce the risk from care tasks that require people to be moved or repositioned.
  • Equipment that help improve the safety of workers performing ‘non-care’ tasks that have been shown to contribute to worker injuries.

How to Apply for Funding?


Complete the online application form below in accordance with the funding guidelines:

Contact Person(Required)

Designated Equipment

Paraglide Wheelchair Repositioning device
J-RO EZ Rest
Slider Sheets
Transfer Belts
Limb and Turning Slings
Hair Shampoo Trays
Bathroom aids
Shower Wands
Spring loaded Laundry bins
Ergonomic Mopping systems

Request for Other Equipment

Price Quotes

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