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JOHSC Day 1 – Port Hawkesbury

Day 1

Please Note: You can take the training as it is available to you.  You do not need to begin this course with Day 1.

Internal Responsibility System

The internal responsibility system is the underlying philosophy of the occupational health and safety legislation in all Canadian jurisdictions. Its foundation is that everyone in the workplace – both employees and employers – is responsible for his or her own safety and for the safety of those around them.

Topics Covered

  • History of Safety Legislation
  • What is IRS?
  • How does IRS work?
  • Who monitors IRS?
  • What is Due Diligence?
  • NS OHS Act and Regulations
  • Why does it matter?

Safety Accountability and Communications

Understand why accountability is the cornerstone of safety excellence. To be able to build and evidence-based accountability system (KPI’s) that effectively rewards employees for the desired safety outcomes.

Topics Covered

  • Building Accountability
  • What is Accountability?
  • Accountability vs Responsibility
  • What is Effective Accountability?
  • Elements of Accountability
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • How to best Communicate KPI’s

JOHS Committee Awareness

This JOHSC Awareness course will provide participated will an understanding of their requirement, roles and responsibilities under the OHS Act as committee members.

Topics Covered

  • JOHSC Requirements
  • JOHSC Meeting
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Rights of JOHSC
  • Evaluating Effectiveness
  • JOHSC Act and Regulation reviews


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