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Membership in AWARE-NS

Voting Members

Membership in AWARE NS consists of voting and non-voting members. Organizations involved in the health care and community services sector are eligible to become voting members and are entitled to have one representative who is the Official Designate of the organization and can attend and vote at any meeting of the members of the Society.


Organizations involved in the health and community services sector are eligible for voting membership provided that the organization:

  • Subscribes to the objects of the society;
  • Undertakes neither to seek nor accept remuneration for services performed as a member or under the auspices of the society;
  • Pays the annual membership fee (if any) prescribed from time to time by the directors

All voting members are eligible to identify one official designate, of legal age, who can attend and vote at any meeting of the members of the society.

Application Process:

  • The application form is completed by each Health or Community Services organization seeking . The application must be authorized by the CEO or Administrator and should include the form below naming the Official Designate of the organization.
  • The application is reviewed by the Board of Directors of AWARE-NS.
  • Organizations are admitted as voting members based on a vote of the AWARE-NS Board of Directors.
  • The names and addresses of approved voting members, along with their official designates, are entered into the register of members.
  • The Secretary maintains a record of official designates and changes thereto.
  • Aware NS notifies the organization of the outcome of the approval process.

Application Form

The application form is accessible through the following link

Key Points

Organizational membership in the Society ceases:

  • Upon the wind-up or termination of existence of the member
  • If the member resigns by written notice to the society
  • If the member ceases to qualify for membership in accordance with by-laws, or
  • If, by a vote of the majority of voting members of the society or a majority vote of the Directors of the Society at a meeting duly called and for which notice of the proposed action has been given, the member’s membership in Aware -NS has been terminated.

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