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NSHA Progress Report – Improving Workplace safety in NS Emergency Departments

Improving Workplace Safety in Nova Scotia’s Community Emergency Departments – NSHA Progress Report
In October 2016, Premier Stephen McNeil announced the creation of a working group on safety protocols as a result of an incident at Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Middleton. The working group was tasked with making recommendations to Nova Scotia’s Minister of Health and Wellness to improve workplace safety for employees, patients and visitors, with a focus on violence reduction in the community emergency departments across the province. The working group authored a report titled Improving Workplace Safety in Nova Scotia’s Community Emergency Departments, which highlighted 12 recommendations.
In consultation with our union partners, we have made significant progress on the recommendations identified in the report. We have developed policies, conducted various assessments and moved forward with staff education and training – all designed to improve safety for those working in community emergency departments and across other areas of our organization. One of the recommendations was an annual progress report from our organization to share advances in building a safer work environment and care settings for all. On Thursday, January 25, we will release our progress report publicly.
Question and Answer:

  1. What is the status of our work to meet the report’s 12 recommendations?

NSHA is pleased to report that of the 12 recommendations, 11 have been met or have significant progress underway. One recommendation related to establishing a provincial business solution for reporting and tracking is still in the planning stages. NSHA remains focused on building a safe, high-quality health system. Our work is not only about the health and safety of our patients and their families but also the safety and well-being of those who work in our organization.

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