WCB Consulting on Rescinding Policy 1.3.6

Dear Key Stakeholder,

The WCB is consulting with Nova Scotians on rescinding Policy 1.3.6 Compensability of Stress as an Injury out of and in the Course of Employment – GECA.  WCBNS currently has two policies related to entitlement of psychological injuries:

Nova Scotia is the only jurisdiction in Canada with two different psychological injury policies. The WCBNS recommends rescinding in response to a Supreme Court of Canada decision and WCAT appeals indicating it is inconsistent with the Workers’ Compensation Act of Nova Scotia.

For more information, please review the background paper, “Policy 1.3.6: Recommendation for Rescinding and Supporting Rationale”.  The consultation period is April 03 until May 31, 2019.

Please note that the names of all organizations providing feedback and your comments will be posted publicly on the WCBNS website.

You can provide feedback by:

E-mailing:           Caroline Read at caroline.read@wcb.ns.ca

Or writing to:     Caroline Read, Policy Analyst

Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

PO Box 1150

Halifax, NS B3J 2Y2

The deadline for comments is May 31, 2019