Date of Issue: June 2012 Revised Jan 2013

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Below: Please Review The Changes To The Hazard Alert

Under Typical Causes:
Removed last sentence: “Mechanical lifts are also known as hoist”
Under Preventive Measures:
It also specifies that there is a requirement for training employees who use this requirement since injuries may still occur if the operator is not properly trained.
The requirement for safe sling use is outlined in section 80 of the Occupational Safety General Regulations.
“Where the lifting or moving of a thing or person may be a hazard to the health or safety of a person at the workplace, an employer shall ensure that
(a) adequate and appropriate equipment for the lifting and moving is provided; and
(b) training and instruction as to the appropriate method of performing the lifting and moving is provided in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s instructions, or, where there are no equipment manufacturer’s instructions, in accordance with adequate work methods and lifting and moving techniques.” 5
Added two additional References
5. Occupational Safety General Regulations
6. Occupational Health and Safety Act